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During the Covid-19 pandemic, churches around the world were forced to close and find new ways to meet and serve their communities. Musicians at Rugby CLC responded by recording songs that spoke directly into the situations we were all facing, and that brought connection, comfort and hope in a challenging time.

Some of these songs will be released as an album called ‘Held Together‘ on January 14th 2022, as a celebration of the mercy of God that held our community together in a difficult time.

All proceeds from the sale of ‘Held Together’ will go to Compassion UK‘s child survival intervention programme in Uganda, which provides mothers with the vital skills and support to help them enable their babies not only to live, but to thrive and have a brighter future. 

For babies born into poverty, the first 1,000 days of life are critical to survival. Compassion’s Child Survival programme keeps mums safe during their pregnancy by providing pre-natal and post-natal care, including check-ups, vaccinations and the presence of a medical professional during childbirth. What’s more, they help babies reach their first birthday by ensuring children receive vaccinations, vitamins, nutritional supplements and growth checks.

If you would like to order a physical copy of the album, we’re asking for a contribution of £10. If you’re willing and able to give more, please do, and every penny will go to Compassion.

To place your order, please email us at:


We are delighted to release Joy to the World (Ding Dong) as a Christmas single, and the first single off our upcoming album ‘Held Together’.

The single is now available on all streaming platforms. Click on the button below to listen:

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